Open Road
About Portalbella

So here I am, one morning in early January driving across the state of Florida, just me, my favorite overpriced specialty coffee, and the open road.  Iím in a big white company van, loaded with computer equipment that has a perfect rhythm of squeaking metal.  As I turn off I-95 onto state road 70 heading west, I see nothing but open boring road lying ahead of meÖ.and when I say boring, if youíve made this 3+ hour drive, then you can empathize with me.  It doesnít take long for my mind to start thinking in overdrive as it often does when Iím alone, especially driving or running.  This is when the ideas start flowing.  This will be the 6 hour round trip that gives birth to

Hi, and welcome to Portalbella.  I work in the Information Technology department for a higher education institution and my wife has been teaching elementary for the past 13 years.  I originally developed Portalbella so that any individual could easily create their own custom browser start page which would allow them to bookmark all of their favorite websites in a very creative way. Since the launch of Portalbella, it has found its way into the classrooms of schools across America and Canada, something I never intended it to do. Seeing how Portalbella was being utilized in the classroom, Portalbella for Schools was launched and I have been working with teachers to improve on the services that Portalbella offers.

Teachers have many electronic resources in which they and their students need access to, and the issue that arises is how to conveniently and efficiently organize these resources. That's what Portalbella does. Portalbella gives students a fun and creative spring board to all of their electronic resources, such as bookmarks. Portalbella for Schools was created by input from teachers and will continue to evolve in the same manner. That's what makes Portalbella so successful in the classroom.

I hope you enjoy the service Portalbella has to offer, consider it as a valuable resource in your classroom, and grow with us as we expand our reach to more classrooms and more students across America, Canada, and beyond...